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Egg Donation

Do you provide our information to the donor?

No. The donor only receives the recipients’ first name, together with a bio from the recipients, which will not contain any identifying information.

Can I use my doctor?

Yes. If you already have an infertility specialist who is assisting you, we will contact and coordinate the cycle with them.

What is your policy on meeting the egg donor?

We believe this important choice should be left to the recipients and the donor. We will make your choice and decision as private or as open as you wish.

What if the donor lives out of our area?

No problem. We will arrange for a monitoring doctor in the donor’s area, who will have the monitoring results sent to your doctor. We will also facilitate and coordinate the medical cycles between the medical facilities and all travel arrangements.

How can we reserve a donor?

You may reserve up to two egg donors online, with your registration ID and password. Or you may call our professional staff for help.

How can we get more information about an egg donor?

If you are interested in a specific egg donor, you may immediately access the detailed egg donor profiles by registering with EDSI online.

Do we have to register with your program to get information about an egg donor?

No. As a recipient, you have the ability, through our website, to search our condensed egg donor profiles, at your leisure. Our condensed profiles contain brief information about an egg donor, such as age, height, weight, complexion, hair color, eye color, ethnic origin, education, experience as an egg donor, availability, etc. together with a photo, to assist you in selecting a potential egg donor candidate.

If you have questions that have not been answered, please contact EDSI.