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An example of total payment amount up to $50,000 includes the following:


Fees Paid: Description: Amount:
Surrogate Mother Compensation (First Time Surrogate) Paid in 10 monthly installments of $3000 after confirmation of first heartbeat. $30,000
Additional Payments:    
Monthly Expense Allowance $400 non-accountable, paid until a month after birth. $4800+
Embryo Transfer Fee Paid per transfer $1000
Maternity Clothing Allowance $800
Housekeeping Allowance $80/week starting at the 26th gestational week ending at time of birth $1050+
Lost Wages For Surrogate and Partner Actual Net Pay: To be determined
Childcare Allowance $100/day for times when Surrogate is required to travel Actual Cost: To be determined
Food Allowance $50/day or $100/day with companion, paid when Surrogate is required to travel Actual Cost: To be determined
Life Insurance Policy $250,000 one year term


Health Insurance IPs will cover monthly costs of health insurance $3,600 – $6,000
Other Benefits
Support Group/Events Reimbursed for travel over 100 miles at $0.56 per mile+hotel Actual Cost: To be determined
Relaxation/ Talk Therapy 3 pregnancy massages and 3 therapy sessions, can be used during the pregnancy until 1 month after birth. Actual Cost: To be determined
Travel Expenses:
Hotel Up to $250/night To Be Determined depending on days
Airfare or Ground Transportation Actual Cost: to be determined


You may request the fully detailed Surrogate Benefit Package for more information. You will also receive this once you qualify to become a Surrogate Candidate.